Live streamed kids karate classes

Live streamed karate classes

Try something new your child will love, burn lots of energy, learn a new skill, get fit & have loads of fun at home!

Sensei Emma's age appropriate at home programme, delivers valuable physical & life skills.  Children will improve their memory, focus, fitness and hand/eye coordination and learn important life skills such as respect and discipline.

Will my child need a GI ( karate uniform ) to take part in a live class?

No, they can wear anything loose and comfy e.g. Shorts and t-shirt. Whilst many children wear a uniform, they are not essential for live streamed classes.

However, if you'd like one for your child they are £25 including Emma’s school badge along with p&p.

Are live classes safe?

Yes, Sensei Emma has been running her own classes since 2016 and doing so online since the coronvauirs lockdown. She is fully insured as are her students. 

Are classes easy to follow and suitable for a small space?

Yes, her programme is easy to follow with age specific content, her live session include a fun high energy warm up, basic karate skills and a short high energy game, all of which can be done in a limited space.

How much are classes?

Membership is £22 pm per child

What does membership include?

Memberships includes:

  • A 30 minute interactive live session.
  • A short 121 live session.
  • Access to our membership area and Facebook support group.
  • 46 weeks tuition 

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely, there is no obligation, however fees are paid monthly and partial refunds are not offered.

Can my child have a free trial?

Yes, please contact Emma at

What time are live session?

  • Monday 4.30 pm ( ages 3-6 ) 
  • Tuesday 5 pm ( ages 3-6 )
  • Thursday 5 pm ( ages 3-6 ) 
  • Saturday 8 am ( age 3-4 )
  • Saturday 9 am ( age 5-6 )

How do I access a live session and weekly recorded sessions?

Emma emails the weekly log in codes for all platforms on Monday mornings.



Children age 3 to 6 enjoying a live streamed karate lesson Children age 3 to 6 enjoying a live streamed karate lesson Children age 3 to 6 enjoying a live streamed karate lesson

For more information call or email: 075 2595 3201


Pre Grading Assessment

25 March 2023

Lisvane Memorial Hall

Plain White belts or white belts with a coloured stripe through the middle 10.45-11.30 am
Red and white 12-1 pm
Red 1.30-2.30 pm
Yellow 3-4 pm
Orange 4.30-5.30 pm


TOTS 9-930 AM
ALL INFANTS 9.45-10.15 AM ( NO 10.30 CLASS )