The Emma Harris School of Karate

Our Cardiff School of Karate builds confidence in a friendly, encouraging and safe environment.

Sensei Emma Harris has trained for over 10 years in Karate and run’s the Martial Arts school. Emma, a 2nd Dan in Kaizenkan Karate has researched and developed a unique teaching syllabus dedicated to teaching karate to young children.

Emma is passionate in her belief that children learn best when having fun, her classes help to build self-confidence in children by believing in their own abilities and encouraging self-worth by using her monthly patch reward systems. Children improve their hand/eye coordination, memory, focus and listening skills using positive reinforcement.

In the event of a lockdown, children are taught via Zoom, so they won't miss out.

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Karate lessons for young children in Cardiff 

Small children enjoying Kids Karate Classes in Cardiff

Karate classes for tots

Emma’s approach is to make learning fun. Children improve their hand/eye coordination, memory, focus and listening skills using positive reinforcement, which is ideal for this age.

Karate classes
for tots

Infants enjoying Kids Karate Classes in Cardiff

Karate classes for infants

Our karate classes teaches valuable life & safety skills, effective age-appropriate self defence skills and reinforces the discipline, respect and social skills expected at home and in school.

Karate classes
for infants


Children's Ninjago Parties

Ninja themed Children's Parties

Be a ninja for the day with our fantastic Birthday parties! Your child and their friends will love being little ninjas and have a birthday to be treasured and remembered for years to come.

Kids Ninja parties

Children's Karate Parties

About Emma

Sensei Emma Harris has a 2nd Dan in Kaizenkan Karate, she specialising in teaching young children and women in addition to running after school clubs. Emma spends a lot her her time researching the development and learning styles of others and has a unique teaching style.

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What our parents say...

I have never seen anyone have such control over a bunch of 3-4 year olds as Sensei Emma, without ever having to raise her voice. I cant even keep two girls in check, yet they all stand and wait their turn-it's amazing to watch! My girls love going to karate and it's a brilliant way to burn off energy whilst also learning some self control and respect. So pleased that we signed up!Shoned Seddon

Sensai Emma is fantastic, she not only brings fun and humour to the Karate class but trains them to build their confidence, improve their strength and become more focussed. My daughter's confidence has improved so much and she can't wait to go to class each week and learn her next move and gain another badge. Would highly recommend any child to attendRachel De Loayza

Emma has the unique mix of a caring and fun teacher with the discipline and skill of a black belt. Her classes engage the shyest of children and challenge the most confident. Would highly recommend Sensei Emma's classes for all!Rachel Williams Chris Arnold

Emma harris is a amazing sensei. The kids love her. I also attend women only classes with sensei Emma. Classes are very friendly and fun to attend. I would recommend to anyone. Catherine Williams

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